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Get more enjoyment out of the world around you with quality hearing products and services. Niagara Hearing & Speech Clinic offers everything from hearing tests and hearing aid fittings to ear wax removal and sales of accessories like batteries. Visit our clinic in St. Catharines today or set up an appointment.

Our main hearing products and services include, but are not limited to:

  • Audiometric tests
  • Hearing aid fittings
  • Sales of hearing instruments
  • Hearing service and repairs
  • House calls
  • Ear wax removal
  • Hearing aid accessories and assistive listening devices
  • Hearing aid batteries and supplies
  • Custom hearing protection and musician’s ear plugs



At Niagara Hearing & Speech Clinic, we depend on audiometric tests to evaluate your hearing. Audiometry tests your ability to hear using various sound frequencies. By using electronic equipment called an audiometer, our hearing care professional administers the test to you and records the results.