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Audiology and Hearing Aid Services

Niagara Hearing & Speech Clinic provides hearing loss services for all ages. Compatible tests are tailored towards a patient's specific hearing problem. Since no two hearing cases are the same, accuracy with testing is an integral part of the experience. Treatment plans are created after all applicable tests and evaluations have been completed.

Cerumen Removal

Wax naturally protects the body from infections and ear damage. When the body makes more wax than normal, a build-up occurs. Hearing health professionals use multiple methods to remove excess wax. Ear irrigation is one form of treatment and is a painless way to get ears professionally cleaned. Micro-suction is another option and is also an unobtrusive way to remove earwax. For personal use, home removal kits are available from different brands, but your hearing care provider should be consulted prior to use.

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Hearing Aid Evaluation and Selection

The results of hearing tests will narrow down which hearing devices are the most effective if needed. Modern hearing aids are packed with many features to improve overall hearing. Professionals will make recommendations about which hearing devices work best for a patient. The final choice will be a combination of patient needs, price, comfort and familiarity with specific technologies. After the evaluation, a new appointment is set up for when the hearing devices finally arrive. 

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Hearing Aid Dispensing and Fitting

At the hearing aid dispensing and fitting, patients get to try out their customized hearing devices. Hearing health professionals provide important information about the use, maintenance and upkeep of hearing aids. With the help of live speech mapping, the devices are programmed a final time for accuracy. The appointment can be overwhelming for first-time users, so coming prepared is recommended. Bringing a list of questions about general hearing health is helpful for both sides. 

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Hearing Aid Repairs

Regular maintenance will prevent some of the most common hearing device problems. When repairs are beyond the technical prowess of the user, they can bring it to a professional for onsite repair. Advanced problems require professionals to send the device back to the manufacturer. During the repair period, users can request loaner hearing aids. These are necessary to maintain positive hearing health during the repair of the original device.

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