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Signs your Hearing Aid Need Repairs

a professional hearing specialist repairing a hearing aid

Hearing aids are complex pieces of equipment, and although they are relatively easy to take care of, sometimes they will need to be repaired when something goes wrong with your device. Hearing aids can give you many years of absolutely perfect and reliable service when you clean them each night and ensure they are properly dried before you use them the next morning, but the small parts within the hearing aid can sometimes need to be repaired to give you the best performance. 
Taking your hearing aid to an expert hearing instrument specialist (HIS) to be fixed is the best course of action, and you shouldn’t try to make any complicated repairs yourself. Hearing aids are delicate, and most times it's best to request repairs directly from a professional HIS who will know exactly what they are doing. 
What you can do, however, and what is crucial to getting your hearing aids fixed quickly, is understand the signs to look out for that will tell you when your hearing aid needs to be repaired. The sooner the issue is noticed, the sooner you can take your device to a hearing instrument specialist and the less time you’ll be without your all-important hearing aids. 

Your hearing aid stops working 

Perhaps the most obvious sign that your hearing aid needs to be repaired is when it stops working. Although this may seem to indicate that something is wrong with your device, it might not be as bad as you initially think. Before taking your hearing aid to a HIS, check the battery – it may be as simple as the charge running out. 

Also check the tube that connects the receiver to the part of the device that sits within the ear. This tube can sometimes become kinked or even blocked with earwax causing the entire device to stop working. The tubing can easily be replaced at home if you feel happy to do that, otherwise a HIS will be able to help. 
If, after you’ve checked everything, your hearing aid still isn’t working, you should book a visit with a hearing instrument specialist as soon as possible to determine the cause. 

Intermittent hearing aid problems 

Sometimes you can experience sound that comes and goes when wearing a hearing aid. This is another sign that your device may need a repair. Often this cutting in and out can indicate that you need a new battery or you need to charge the old one, so this should be the first thing you look into. 
If after doing this the problem persists, you’re HIS is the best option. They will be able to diagnose the issue quickly and ideally fix the problem. 

A whistling sound

Hearing aids shouldn’t make any sound – they help you to hear and they shouldn’t cause any disruption to that. However, they can sometimes start to make a whistling sound, and this is a sign that repairs may be needed. 
Sometimes the whistling is produced when your hearing aid is not inserted correctly, so try taking it out and putting it back in carefully, ensuring it is fitted correctly. If the whistling is still occurring, the device will need some kind of repair by an expert. 

Low volume 

If the volume is turned up to the level you would normally have it and yet the sounds you are hearing are fainter than usual or muffled, it may be an issue with the tubing, as mentioned above. However, it could be something more serious and is a good sign to listen out for if you’re wondering whether your hearing aid needs to be repaired. 

Your hearing is worse 

If a device that was previously working and allowed you to hear well now is no longer giving you satisfactory hearing, it could have several issues wrong with it and it is wise to seek advice and possible repairs from a hearing instrument specialist. 
It may not be your device, so a hearing examination may also be required, depending on what the HIS says about the condition of your hearing aid. 
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No one wants their hearing aid to be unusable; it is a vital part of everyday life for those who have hearing loss. This is why finding an expert clinic to help with all aspects of your device, including repairs, is so important. Niagara Hearing and Speech Clinic is exactly the expert you need. For more information, please call us today at 905-938-1661.