Just like any device we use in our daily life hearing aids have a defined lifespan. There are many reasons for which you might wish to change or upgrade your hearing aid. A change in lifestyle, hearing condition or opinion about hearing aids might cause you to want more from them. 

A study conducted by ASHA shows that around 17% of the adult population experience hearing loss – but only 20% of these actively seek help. So, once you have embraced the benefits that a hearing aid can bring into your life, it is normal to want more from this technology! 

Here at Niagara Hearing and Speech Clinic, we understand how the right hearing aids can help you live a happy and fulfilled life – if you think your hearing aids are starting to age out, we have some tips on whether you should consider a replacement pair. 

Your hearing aid does not work

As we have seen, hearing aids have a finite lifespan. Depending on the model, your hearing aid might last for ten years with the right maintenance and care. When discussing the right hearing aid with your hearing instrument specialist (HIS), you can always inquire about how long your investment will last. 

However, eventually, your device will break down or stop working correctly. Even with the correct maintenance, this is bound to happen after several years of daily use. If the speaker, microphone or processor stops working, this is a clear sign that you have to visit your HIS. 

After an inspection, your HIS will determine whether your device can be fixed or not. If it is beyond repair, you might be in front of a good opportunity to upgrade to a better model. 

After five years

Generally, the lifespan of a hearing aid is between three and seven years, on average. This is mostly because hearing aids must withstand a lot of daily wear and tear during their life and they are continuously exposed to moisture and ear wax. 

And, even if your hearing aid is still working correctly, it might have become obsolete. Indeed, modern hearing aids are built around tiny processors – or computers – that function thanks to algorithms. These algorithms are responsible for adjusting and refining your hearing experience. 

Some of the modern capabilities of these computers include:

  • Detecting and blocking out background noise
  • Reducing wind noise
  • Amplifying the voice of a speaker
  • Connecting with other devices such as your smartphone

A computer that can do all this is likely to need upgrading. Your HIS will be able to help you find the right option for your needs.

Your hearing has changed

Some types of hearing loss – such as age-related and degenerative conditions – will change over time. It might get worse as you get older or because of lifestyle factors. Luckily, there are some new devices that can help you correct your hearing loss. 

If your hearing is no longer perfect and you have started to struggle to distinguish the sound around you, it might be time to see your HIS. while more powerful instruments are available, it is crucial that you make the decision to upgrade your hearing device!

Your lifestyle has changed

A change in lifestyle can also influence your decision to upgrade your hearing aid. For example, if you have changed your job or occupation, you might need a hearing aid that allows you to be comfortable during conference calls, dealing with customers and working in a noisy environment. 

Or, if you have just got married, welcoming a new baby into your household or taking up a new hobby might cause you to have different hearing requirements. 

After a change in the working environment, living situation or interests, you should consider finding a hearing aid device that can help you make the most out of your lifestyle.

There is a new type of hearing aid available

With the first hearing aids born at the end of the 19th century, this industry is still relatively new. However, since they have made their entrance into the market, hearing aids have been continuously innovating and developing. 

Thanks to new technologies, today’s hearing aids have a lot more features than they used to have just a few years ago. And, as technology develops rapidly, it is normal to be curious about how the new models can improve your life. 

Upgrade your hearing aid with Niagara Hearing and Speech Clinic 

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